Chocolate lover?
Bean-to-Bar Artisan?
Here is the guide to chocolate from bean to bar!

The book

An illustrated book, enjoyable to read and handle. It’s also a unique tasting guide, allowing everyone, young and old, to appreciate bean-to-bar chocolate! The texts have been reviewed by several bean-to-bar artisans to stay as close to the truth as possible while simplifying the concepts for the consumer. But why? With bean-to-bar, we want to convey the entire philosophy behind it and enable people to savor them to the fullest!

The project

Matcha and Diego are the authors of a youth series “Les rencontres de BOMBILO” published by PLB editions, supported by the Guadeloupe National Park. “The idea had been brewing in our minds to create another project; we already envisioned it as participatory with Diego’s creative design and centered around a delicious product…” In 2015, Matcha discovers bean-to-bar chocolate and regularly brings it to work meetings. In short, the idea was right there, at our fingertips during a tasting! We discuss it with Solange, a mutual friend, a dietitian well-versed in indulgence… She becomes a co-author of the project and proposes an original tasting method!

Mmh... auteurs


Gastronome writer, discovered bean-to-bar chocolate in South Korea for the first time, and since then, she has never been able to go back to regular chocolate. She travels all over the world to meet those who craft chocolate.


Dietitian-nutritionist, it is thanks to Matcha that she discovers bean-to-bar chocolate. Her approach to mindful eating makes her an expert taster, always curious to discover new chocolate bars.


diététicienne-nutritionniste c’est grâce à Matcha qu’elle découvre le chocolat bean-to-bar. Son approche de l’alimentation en pleine conscience fait d’elle une dégustatrice experte et toujours curieuse de découvrir de nouvelles tablettes.

Chocolate enthusiast?
Artisan Bean-to-Bar?
Here is the guide to chocolate from bean to bar!

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